The following is pertinent information to ensure the success of your  South African safari.

Please study the information contained on this and the pages on the left.

Below, are some of the issues that are often asked by visitors.

T.I.A. stands for “This is Africa”: Things will be unfamiliar, people who speak different languages, a pace that moves a bit slower than what you may be used to, eg.  drive on the wrong side of the road ! ( we drive on the left here )

When in Africa enjoy all the new things you see and people you meet. Remember you are up to 10,000 miles from home and in a foreign country.

Feel free to ask any questions that we may not have addressed in our Travel Hints or information you need clarification on.

Documents :

Make copies of everything, passport, your birth certificate and bring these copies along on your trip.

Pack them in a separate bag from your originals !


Safari Information & Contract :

We will send you a form called “Booking Contract and Indemnity”.

Please fill in this form with the information of everyone in your group and email it back to us.

On the contract we also ask about any medical issues and food allergies so we are prepared for your visit.

Click links on left for detailed Travel Hints information regarding your South African safari.

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