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This is the official logo of the Karoo Cat Research centre, launched by IUCN cat specialist Dr Mircea Pfleiderer of Germany. 
She has worked closely with Karoo Pred-a-tours, also owned by Richard & Marion Holmes of the Cradock area, to breed the small cats in captivity for selective release into suitable wild habitats and to inform and educate the public about the important role these animals play in bio-diversity conservation. 
Cradock is a rural Karoo town in the Chris Hani municipal district of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.
Marion Holmes of the Cat Conservation Trust with a domestic cat. The biggest endangerment to African Wild Cat conservation is widespread hybridisation with domestic cats, which foray into almost all African Wild Cat ranges.
Marion Holmes of Cat Conservation Trust feeds a Black-Footed Cat suffering partial blindness. This cat resides in the hollowed-out heart, or piná, of the Agave Americana plant that has spread across the Karoo. It is a typical abode for the Black-Footed Cat that also occupies hollowed-out anthills.

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