Using camera traps with black footed cats

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Saturday, 29th September 2018

Camera trap use in the study of black‐footed cats (Felis nigripes)

Sliwa, A., Wilson, B., Lawrenz, A., Lamberski, N., Herrick, J., Küsters, M

African journal of ecology, 56(4), 895-897.


The use of camera traps as research tools for the study of black‐footed cats at refuge entrances  is  detailed.  This  provided  information  on  interspecific  relationships  with  aardwolves. When operated with care they served to obtain ecological information on  black‐footed  cats,  including  behavioural  and  reproductive  data.  Camera  traps  were  also  used  to  monitor  the  behaviour  and  welfare  of  recently  anesthetised  and  recovered study individuals to keep further disturbances to a minimum.

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